The Union of Compassion and Wisdom

In 2500 years ago, Buddha’s compassion and wisdom were revealed in this world; he passed on his teachings that are followed by many till today. As we know, every bodhisattva has an aspiration to liberate all living beings, however, it requires group support and efforts to realise the indescribable miracle and power of this aspiration.

Rev. Sheng Yin is the master of Rev. Chang Heng. Master Sheng Yin was moved by Rev. Chang Heng’s aspiration. Once, when Rev. Sheng Yin and Rev. Chang Heng visited Kuala Lumpur to offer dharma teachings, Master Sheng Yin witnessed the sky that shown an auspicious sign in the area of Puchong, the Master advised that the area is a sacred land; it would be auspicious to develop dharma activities at that place.

Rev. Chang Heng has since take this advice at heart, and aspired for the ripening of the causes and conditions. During a conversation with a disciple, it was discovered that this disciple is the developer of this piece of land in Puchong. The developer willingly offered this piece of land to Sau Seng Lum after the compassionate pleads of Rev. Chang Heng.

Although the land was obtained, but it requires a huge amount of fund for its building, hence this project was suspended for a period of 10 years. Five years later, Rev. Chang Heng organized a pilgrimage trip to India; one of the places they visited is the place where Buddha offered teachings to his five hundred disciples.  At that time, the five hundred disciples attained Arhat. Each Arhat has practise diligently, their spirit in protecting the dharma was truly inspiring, Rev. Chang Heng made her vow again and wishing that there will be also 500 Arhats in Malaysia as the inspiration for the practitioners.

Rev. Chang Heng’s aspiration has since matured and the project in collecting the 500 arhats has then started. At the same time, the developer who offered the land has successfully invited more donors and volunteers to contribute to the building of the exhibition centre, the obstacles encountered in building the Sau Seng Lum (Puchong) Dialysis and Stroke Rehabilitation Centre was also been pacified. With to the generosity and kind efforts of the donors and volunteers, these two building were completed eventually despite all the obstacles.

Sau Seng Lum aims to provide a place for practice and also to attract more people to come to the dharma teachings, to cultivate wisdom and to liberate oneself and the others.

The concept of interdependent in Buddhism cannot be researched by scientists or calculated by Mathematic, it also cannot be explained by philosophers. Dialysis and Stroke Rehabilitation Centre was manifested through the compassion of Rev. Chang Heng, and the exhibition centre was manifested through the wisdom of Rev. Chang Heng. Buddha ever said it is impossible to liberate living beings with only compassion but without wisdom, the wheel of dharma will continue to spin only if there is union of compassion and wisdom.

Looking at the aforementioned, Exhibition Centre represents the wisdom, and the Dialysis and Stroke Rehabilitation Centre represents compassion. Both the building were realized due to Rev. Chang Heng’s strong aspiration. Both the centres for practice have started their operation in year 2003 at Puchong.