1978 - 1990


1978 - Sau Seng Lum Buddhist Temple

The year 1978 was a turning point in the history of Sau Seng Lum. Rev. Chi Jian decided to step down and handed over the post of Abbess to Rev. Chang Heng in that year.
Rev. Chang Heng is a person of great wisdom. Since young, she realized the impermanence of life. She went to Taiwan to further study in Buddhism and at the age of 18, Rev. Chang Heng was initiated into nun hood. Since then she has been dedicating herself to Buddhism.
Upon taking the role of new Abbess, Rev. Chang Heng began reconstructing the temple into a single-storey brick building.
With the consent of Rev. Chi Jian, Jing Xiu An was renamed Sau Seng Lum and set four missions as its objectives. The four missions are: perform charitable deeds, provide medical care, promote cultural activities and educational work.


1979 - White Robe Dragon Riding Guan Yin

In 1979, a 12-feet White Robe Dragon Riding Guan Yin was set up at the entrance of the temple, the Heart Sutra and the names of the Buddha were crafted at the back of the Guan Yin’s statue. All these are done by Rev. Chang Heng and the volunteers. The lotus pond was also built by them.
In the same year, Sau Seng Lum had invited Master Bo Yuan to perform the inauguration ceremony for this Guan Yin statue, it marked the beginning of Sau Seng Lum  walking the way of bodhisattva in liberating all sentient beings from sufferings.


1987 - Dragon Riding Guan Yin Charitable Committee

Strong will and aspiration leads to great achievements. In 1986, the government approved Sau Seng Lum’s application to start welfare charity plan. The news brought encouragement to the devotees, increased their confidence and dedication towards a good cause.

In 1987, Sau Seng Lum set up a Dragon-riding Guan Yin Bodhisattva Charity Committee with the mission to carry out the teachings of the Buddha on compassion and equality, by offering support and liberate old folks, those who are ill, homeless and misfortunate from sufferings.


1989 - The Jade Crafted Sakyamuni Buddha

The Jade crafted Sakyamuni Buddha statue was auspiciously stored in the year of 1989, it is still remain seated in the The Hall of the Jade Buddha. It stands 7-feet high and weighed 6 tons. Renowned Buddhist leader in the country, Master Kim Beng, Master Sheng Yin, Master Bo Yuan, Master Bo Yuan and several other senior monks were invited to preside over the inauguration ceremony of the statue.
In the past, Sau Seng Lum had organised the Buddha bathing ceremony using this statue on every 15th of the 4th lunar month i.e. Wesak Day, in memory of the greatness of Buddha in inspiring many with his precious teachings.