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1902 - Jing Xiu An

The strong spirit of Buddhism continues to remain in this world.
Although Sau Seng Lum Buddhist Temple is built with modern architecture and design, but it has over hundred year of history, it is one of the oldest temples in the country.
Prior to ‘Sau Seng Lum Buddhist Temple’, it was called ‘Jing Xiu An’, which was founded in 1902. Jing Xiu An was originally located at Peel Road of Kuala Lumpur.  It started with farming activities for self-sustaining, and sharing dharma for the liberation of all as its main activity. The founder was Rev. Yuan Xun.
The second Abbess was Rev. Chi Jian who given the name Jing Xiu An. Jing Xiu An was originally a sanctuary meant for silent practice.
During that time of war, many people fled from China and left their homeland to seek refuge in Malaya, they went through hunger and difficult times.
Jing Xiu An which was located at Peel Road withholds the aspiration of benefiting the others. Those who have experienced sufferings had learned to be more humble and grateful.


1957 - The Old Masters

In 1957, Rev. Chi Jian led her followers and moved from Peel Road to the present site in Petaling Jaya, Old Town. At that time, the temple was a scanty building with zinc roof and wooden walls. Rev. Chi Jian continued farming for living while dedicating her time and effort to the poor and people in need.
The third Abbess, Rev.. Chang Heng was an orphan in the custody of Jing Xiu An and lived with Rev. Chi Jian. As a child, she came in contact with Buddhism and this connection grew stronger through the years.
The second Abbess, Rev. Chi Jian passed on in the month of December 2003, at the age of 104. The superior Abbess mainly practiced the teachings of Medicine Buddha and often led her followers to offer prayers to the Medicine Buddha. Her piousness was often acknowledged and therefore she was greatly respected by her followers. Her selflessness and devoutness in helping others won good name for the temple and laid the foundation for Sau Seng Lum’s current achievements.