Progression Path

On April 6, 2003, Rev. Ching Hsin, the president of the World Chinese Buddhist Sangha Council, together with Rev. Ji Huang, Rev. Ding Fa and other respected masters had performed the opening ceremony for Sau Seng Lum (Puchong) Exhibition Centre.

They had also conducted the inauguration ceremony for Mahavairocana Buddha. During that time, there were not only 500 Arhats and Art Exhibition, there was also a grand charity bazaar. It was auspicious to conduct the 7 days Shurangama Sutra Grand Puja for the Living and The Deceased led by Rev Ching Hsin and twenty of his entourage.

On September 28, 2003, Sau Seng Lum once again invited Rev. Ching Hsin, Rev. Ji Huang, and Rev. Yuan Zhong from Taiwan to come to the exhibition centre and to perform the inauguration ceremony of the 500 ceramic Arhats. At the same time, a seminar titled "The Spirits and Uniqueness of 500 Arhats" was held by the three masters.

The 500 ceramic Arhat statues were also included in The Malaysia Book of Records and it claimed to be the largest collection of ceramic Arhat statues in Malaysia.

On November 22, 2003, the Sau Seng Lum (Puchong) Exhibition Centre was selected as one of the tourist attractions by the Ministry of Culture, Art and Tourism. The certificate was presented by the Deputy Minister of Culture, Art and Tourism, Dato' Hu Yaqiao during the launching ceremony.

From June 17 to June 21, 2006, the 9th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women was held at Sau Seng Lum (Puchong) Exhibition Centre. The theme of the convention was "Buddhist Women in a Global Multicultural Country."

There were over 500 participants from 45 countries gathered here to learn about each other's culture and heritage, which enhanced understanding of each other in bringing world peace. The Chairman of the Malaysian Planning Committee, Rev. Chang Heng hosted the convention together with the Buddhist leaders from around the world.

On January 23, 2012, Malaysia's first Heart Sutra Maze was officially launched. The Heart Sutra is the essence teaching of Buddhism which is also known to most people. Even an illiterate can recite it.

Based on the theme of Heart Sutra, Sau Seng Lum invited the visitors to realise the essence of the Heart Sutra by walking through the maze, turning delusions into wisdom, recognizing one’s true nature and enjoying total freedom in life without fear.

On February 10, 2013, Triple Gems Joyous Garden was officially launched. There is a large pool in Triple Gems Joyous Garden, and three solemn Buddha statues in the center of the pool i.e Sakyamuni Buddha, Medicine Buddha, and Amitabha Buddha.

As long as the devotees make vows kneeling on the prayer mat and chant the names of the three Buddhas, they will be offered the holy water. This holy water is drinkable and can be brought home for bathing to cleanse the body and mind. Apart from the three Buddha statues, there are also the twelve guardian bodhisattvas of the Chinese zodiac who at all times are welcoming the visitors, and guarding them with safety and good health.

In February 2015, the Great Wall of Buddha ~ Shrine of the Medicine Buddha was officially launched. This temple unites the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Eastern Lapis Lazuli, that is, the Medicine Buddha, the Medicine Buddha of Seven, the Eight Great Bodhisattvas, and the twelve guardians of Medicine Buddha. All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas gather to form a spectacular wall of thousands Buddha. Its solemnity and sacredness seen beautify the earth and purifies the human mind. The devotees are welcomed to worship the statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. May they all be free from obstacles, and be able to cultivate wisdom and joyful mind walking on the path of the bodhisattva.