2001 - 2010


2001 – Sau Seng Lum (PJ) Stroke Rehabilitation Centre

Stroke brings so much harm to the health and life of the people, and it causes tremendous sufferings and burden to the patients, family and society.

Sau Seng Lum had long realized the after effects and sufferings caused by stroke. It opened a Dialysis and Stroke Rehabilitation Centre on 2nd January 2001 and launched the Yayasan Kebajikan SSL Strok Dan Pembangunan Masyarkat to provide professional services and supports to stoke patients undergoing rehabilitation despite their religions and race.

In line with the advancement in medical skills and techniques, the centre has a big transformation in the year of 2010, it switched from traditional acupuncture to the application of western medical equipment which included LOKOMAT and ARMEO.


2001 – Loving Charity Health Campaign

“Prevention is Better Than Cure” is the basic concept of illnesses. Most illnesses do present the symptoms in the early stage, if diagnosis and treatment can be done earlier, it will reduce the burden on heavy medical costs. In view of this, Sau Seng Lum started to promote free health check and consultation, to cultivate the awareness of public with regards to health.


2003 – Sau Seng Lum Puchong Exhibition Centre

Sau Seng Lum Puchong Exhibition Centre was founded on 6th April 2003 based on the principles of cultural and education. It became popular ever since its opening and attracted many visitors. One of its unique attractions is it has collection of 500 Arhats statues, which made it the first Exhibition Centre to exhibit 500 ceramic made Arhat statues in Malaysia.


2004 till 2009 - Sau Seng Lum Loving Charity Mobile Clinic

To further induce public awareness on the importance of health consciousness and that “Prevention is Better Than Cure”, Rev. Chang Heng has introduced and launched Sau Seng Lum Loving Charity Mobile Clinic.

This Mobile Clinic looks like a bus, but it equipped with medical aids and services to provide free chinese medical consultations to residents in the Klang Valley. This has enable the poor income group of people to receive earlier diagnosis and treatment and prevent them from facing severe illnesses.


2005 – Sau Seng Lum (Puchong) Dialysis & Stroke Rehabilitation Centre

In order to provide a more complete treatment services to the patients, Rev. Chang Heng decided to expand the medical services of Sau Seng Lum Stroke Rehabilitation Centre to Puchong. The 4-storey building occupies a land area of 100,000 square feet and started its operation on 1st January 2005, it has a team of healthcare professional medical to provide a better and comprehensive treatment services.

The centre has introduced and made available a wide range of other services such as stroke rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, sports injury and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, work rehabilitation and neurology rehabilitation.


2005 - Jade Stone Reclining Buddha

In the “Wo-Fo” Hall, lays the latest addition to the temple- the Reclining Buddha craved from stone. Imported from Burma and as one of the biggest stone Buddha in Malaysia, the statue weighs about 35 tons and is 7-feet high and 25-feet in length. It is said that the reclining posture reflects the scene of Sakyamuni giving instructions to his disciples as he neared death. These days the statue stands as a symbol of Buddhism doctrines.


2006 - Jing Xiu Xuan Tea Room

On opening the wooden door at the entrance, you will immediately feel transported to a Zen-inspired traditional tea room. The first thing that catches the eye is the simple yet detailed features of its interior with a superb view of the garden water feature. Hanging filtered lights through thick rice paper give soft luster, creating a complete harmonized, meditative ambience to the tea room while the Buddha statues offer feeling of calmness and serenity. Close inspection of the tea room reveals that its architecture is based on wood- a respect for nature. The scent of Chinese herbal tea and the burning incense allows you to relax and seek inner peace of mind.


2008 - Jing Xiu An Memorial Museum

Jing Xiu An is the birthplace of Sau Seng Lum. Sau Seng Lum’s achievements today are attributable to Rev. Chang Heng’s vow to her late Master Chi Jian’s wish, in fulfilling her aspirations progressively. In expressing gratitude and memory towards the late Master, Rev. Chang Heng created this museum in 2008, using wall cabinets to showcase the variety of century-old artifacts which give visitors a unique experience to rewind the history of Sau Seng Lum with a peep through its glass cases.

2009 till 2015 – Mobile Medical Services For Community (Home Visits by Chinese Medical Practitioners)

Most of the stroke patients are unable to go to the rehabilitation centre on their own. In order to provide friendly support to them, the centre has started to provide home visit since 2009. Healthcare professionals and volunteers go door to door to provide treatment services and deliver medicines to the patients.

Apart from these, it has also provided charitable offerings to the poor by sending them the basic necessities such as rice, cooking oil, salt and food.

For those who require support of the medical equipment, the centre will also make arrangement and send them to the rehabilitation centre in Puchong to receive their treatment. This group of misfortune people is supported by the charity fund of Sau Seng Lum in receiving free medical treatment.


2010 – Sau Seng Lum (PJ) Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre

In order to provide medical services to the special needs children, SSL Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre in Petaling Jaya has started its operation since 1st May 2010.

This centre aims to provide services to the special children, especially those from poor families. The centre provides rehabilitation treatment, consultation, training, and induce public awareness and understanding of special needs children. This brings hopes to the special needs children and their family.